We are ECO-Friendly

Here at Gilbriar Gazebo & Gardens, we do things the “right” way.  You might call that the “organic” way or the “old fashioned “ way.  We call it right, because it’s a do-no-harm method.  We want to keep invasive,  non-native weeds out of our plantings but not at the cost of killing the wildlife and poisoning our ground water.   So we do right by the wildlife as well as the plants.  Weeds are pulled by hand, sprayed with vinegar or torched with our fierce little weed dragon, but in no case are they ever poisoned.

Yard waste and anything else that is compostable goes into our cold compost system.  As of this year, we require that all disposable plates, cups and flatware be compostable too, not just recyclable.  Since the city recycles only two types of plastic, we find it easier to just compost everything.

The vast majority of our plants are natives.   But we also include a few heirlooms and food plants in our kitchen garden and orchard.  Some things are planted specifically for certain pollinators or birds.  We try to use plants that benefit multiple species over several seasons.

We are serious about water usage too.  We have 38,750  gallons of water catchment storage.  Watering is done by hand on an as needed  basis.  We find that this allows us to observe the plants more closely.

We take our commitment to the beautiful Texas Hill Country very seriously!

Our goal was to bring this 10 acres of abused wasteland back to a level of  abundant production comparable to what it might have been 200 years ago; we are making good progress. Come see for yourself.