How to “Green” Your Wedding

Weddings generate LOTS of trash!  According to, “The average wedding produces over 400 lbs. of trash”.  Wow.  Most of my 2018 weddings generated between 350-550 gallons of trash, as measured by the number of 55-gallon trash bags used.

Here at Gilbriar, we try to do everything the organic, earth friendly way, so we are addressing this issue head on.  We have built four large compost bins to handle our wedding trash on site.  All disposables are now required to be compostable.  This is very easy to do.  There are many sources for compostable trash bags, paper goods, cups and cutlery.  Our local Natural Grocers carries them, Costco carries them and carries them.  They are just as convenient and no more expensive than the usual, petroleum kind.   We have samples from and the quality and styling is impressive. Remind me to show them to you when you’re here.

With our new system, the after party clean up is easy.  All used plates, utensils, cups and napkins go into a compostable 55 gallon bag and the entire thing is placed in one of our on site composting bins.  This makes clean up faster, easier and better for the planet.  Isn’t it nice to know that your trash  will become flowers?