Healthy Trend in Wedding Flowers

People are becoming more concerned about how pesticides and herbicides in cut flowers can affect their own health. Even those who aren’t diagnosed with chemical sensitivities don’t want to be handling and breathing toxins. Many cut flowers that are available today are grown in industrial conditions that require the use of pesticides. And many are flown in from countries with little, if any, environmental controls.

But here in Fredericksburg, we have a healthy, organic choice. At Windmill Meadow Farm, flowers are grown without toxic pesticides or herbicides. The owners, Nancy and Paul Person, are Master Gardeners and members of the Native Plant Society of Texas.  Only a few minutes west of town, their amazing variety of beautiful blossoms are all field grown in the Texas sunshine.

I was out there last night and picked up this charming bouquet for my house. The variety of colors and shapes would inspire the artist in anyone who sees them. My mind raced with thoughts of all the fabulous combinations that were available.

Fredericksburg offers many unique and wonderful options to couples who marry here.  Healthy, locally grown flowers from Windmill Meadow Farm is one of those options.