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Healthy Trend in Wedding Flowers

People are becoming more concerned about how pesticides and herbicides in cut flowers can affect their own health. Even those who aren’t diagnosed with chemical sensitivities don’t want to be handling and breathing toxins. Many cut flowers that are available today are grown in industrial conditions that require the use of pesticides. And many are… Read more »

We are ECO-Friendly

Here at Gilbriar Gazebo & Gardens, we do things the “right” way.  You might call that the “organic” way or the “old fashioned “ way.  We call it right, because it’s a do-no-harm method.  We want to keep invasive,  non-native weeds out of our plantings but not at the cost of killing the wildlife and… Read more »

Garden Weddings in Fredericksburg

Our Garden is in full bloom right now and makes for a beautiful Texas garden wedding! Located in Fredericksburg, the heart of Texas Hill Country, Gilbriar Gazebo has the perfect venue for outdoor weddings and events. With a state of the art gazebo and stunning garden with various flowers & shrubbery, your guests will surely… Read more »

Wedding Insurance

  Bad things happen to good people. Even with meticulous planning, highly rated vendors and diligent follow up, badthings can still happen. This is why you need wedding insurance. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with it; it is a legitimate and necessary part of your planning. There are two main types and you will… Read more »

Save Money on Your Decorations

Want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable while saving as much money as possible? Of course you do! Well then, carefully evaluate the walls of the venues that you are considering. Walls that are interesting in their own right don’t need decorating.   If they have lots of texture and great color they will make… Read more »

Hill Country Wedding in the Round

Gilbriar Gazebo Ceiling

Up for something a bit different? How about a wedding in the round? Instead of the usual rectangle of chairs with an aisle in the middle, why not be surrounded by your guests? There’s something formal and distancing about being confined to the back of the event.   But there’s something warm and inclusive about surrounding… Read more »

Autumn Weddings – Texas Hill Country

Here in the central Texas Hill Country, fall is a lovely time for an outdoor wedding. The days are cooler, we start to get some foliage color and many of the flowers are still in bloom. Roses and iris usually bloom well into December. Native fall asters, white salvias, and blue sages are reliable bloomers,… Read more »

Considering an Outdoor Wedding in TX

Gilbriar Gazebo & Chairs

Fredericksburg  in central Texas is a wonderful place for outdoor weddings; but there are things to consider. First, of course, is the weather. Texas weather can change very fast. Storms can pop up and blow through in a matter of hours and unfortunately they can’t be predicted. So the most important part of an outdoor… Read more »